Section A Slide 3 Training

The centre is fully equipped with different mass spectrometers, such as LCMS QQQ or GCMS QQQ, LCMS Q-TOF, MALDI-TOF, MALDI TOF/TOF, LCMS LTQ Orbitrap, etc. It is our vision to be a platform for training skilled workers who are competent in the field of analytical biochemistry through education and research. In this term, the centre offers postgraduate study as well as in-house/industrial training (by request). Among the topics of training are:

  1. Biochemical analysis
  2. Environmental biochemistry
  3. Environmental toxicology
  4. Food Biochemistry
  5. Forensic toxicology
  6. Genomics
  7. Glycomics
  8. Lipidomics
  9. Metabolomcs
  10. Proteomics