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Workplace Safety

workplace safety

Drug and alcohol abuse and their effects on employees have become serious concerns in many countries. Individuals are experimenting with an increasing range of psychoactive substances, leading to an escalating number of problems and spiraling costs. The impact on small to medium sized industries, multinationals and society at large has been estimated in the billions of Ringgit in terms of lower productivity, absenteeism, staff turnover, sickness, accidents, disciplinary problems, workplace disputes and insurance claims. A comprehensive company-wide program targeting drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace can be the single most powerful instrument an employer can use to ensure productivity, safeguard the workplace and promote family stability and harmony. The goals and objectives of such an approach must be clearly defined in a policy statement, which carries the written commitments of both the employer and the employee. Key elements in this strategic plan include prevention through awareness and education, early assistance to halt the casual user and rehabilitation of the habitual abuser. The list of drugs analyzed under the Workplace Safety includes:

  1. Profile 1; Screening of 9 drugs (Package A)
  2. Profile 2; Screening of 5 drugs (Package B)
  3. Alcohol Confirmation in Blood (Package C)
  4. Screening of 1 drug (Package D)
  5. Confirmation and Quantification for Cannabinoids /Barbiturates/ Cocaine (Package E)
  6. Confirmation and Quantification for Opiates (Package F)
  7. Confirmation and Quantification for Benzodiazepines (Package G)
  8. Confirmation and Quantification for Stimulants & Narcotics (Package H)
  9. Confirmation and Quantification of 1 analoque from Stimulants & Narcotics (Package I)
  10. Quantification and reconfirmation of 1 drug (Package J)
  11. Determination of Amphetamine Isomer (Package K)
Environmental toxicology
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