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Advance your research with NMR 700 MHz ASCEND™ spectrometer

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UPNMR At a Glance

IPharm in collaboration with USM under the management of ‘Unit Perkhidmatan NMR’ (UPNMR) provide access to a state-of-the-art NMR facility with Bruker’s 700 MHz  ASCEND™ spectrometer. The facility is ideal for natural products elucidation, structural biology research and materials research applications. Additionally, it comes with a TCI cryo-probe which gives a much needed sensitivity to observe sample amounts that were considered too small only a few years ago.

UPNMR provides

  1. Natural Products and Synthesis Products Platform : Experiment: 1H, 13C, HMBC, HSQC, COSY, TOCSY, NOESY, Full Set Package
  2. Metabolomics and Proteomics Platform : Experiment: 1H, Jres (Profilling), HSQC (profiling), Full Set Package
  3. Time slot (hourly rate) Platform
  4. Unlimited sample (monthly rate) Platform


  • Price charges may vary with sample turnaround time
  • Price charges depend on the number of samples received
  • Unlimited sample package only for 1H and 13C experiments.

Why Us?

  • Higher sensitivity
  • Better stability and reproducibility
  • Suitable for volume limited samples
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Offers better accuracy and precision required for metabonomics and metabolomics application
  • Platform-based service charge – flexible and affordable rate  

Contact Us:

  1. Dr. Syahidah Akmal Muhammad (Unit Manager of UPNMR); Email:
  2. Dr Lim Gin Keat (USM); Email:
  3. Cik Azimah Amanah (IPharm); Email:
  4. En. Zahari Othman; Email:
Proteomics and Peptidomics
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