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 Proteomics and Peptidomics Services


1. Proteomics/Glycoproteomics - This service involves tryptic-digestion as pretreatment of protein sample followed by LCMSMS analysis using LCMS LTQ Orbitrap. De novo sequencing and sequence matching with database (NCBIr or SwisProt) will then be performed using the data obtained. Post translational modification (PTM) of the protein can also be identified. 

2.  Peptidomics - Direct injection of the peptide samples into LCMS LTQ Orbitrap followed by de novo sequencing using Peaks Studio.  Modification of peptides can also be predicted. 

3. i2D-PAGE - An alternative and/or complementary technique to the conventional 2D-PAGE. Provides new point of view for two-dimensional separation of proteins. Exclusive at ABrC. More infro click here.

4. Glycomics -  Analysis of glycan structures from proteins using MALD-MS/MS.


  1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gan Chee Yuen (Peptidomics and Proteomics); Email:
  2. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Nazri Ismail (Glycoproteomics, Proteomics, glycomics and i2D-PAGE): Email:
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